BareOS PMK failed

Using the CLI, I am trying to prep my Ubuntu 20.04 BareOS node. When it gets the point of /tmp/ --no-proxy --skip-os-check --ntpd --no-project --username=xxxxx --password=xxxx

The output is

{"level":"debug","ts":"2021-03-31T19:18:06.5347Z","caller":"pmk/node.go:239","msg":"stdout:\nExtracting Platform9 installer\n\nNo TTY available. Skipping all prompts...<REMOVED>\nstderr:\n./installer: line 228: python: command not found\n"}
{"level":"debug","ts":"2021-03-31T19:18:06.5353Z","caller":"pmk/node.go:45","msg":"Sending Segment Event: Prep-node : ERROR"}
{"level":"debug","ts":"2021-03-31T19:18:06.6361Z","caller":"cmd/prepNode.go:112","msg":"Sending Segment Event: Prep Node : Fail"}
{"level":"debug","ts":"2021-03-31T19:18:06.6362Z","caller":"cobra@v1.0.0/command.go:846","msg":"Unable to prep node: Error: Unable to install hostagent. Unable to run /tmp/\n"}

The installer is a binary so what is going on at line 228 that fails? Or can you suggest a way for me to discover line 228?

Hey, @David can you run “pf9ctl version” on your installation box and share the output, please?

pf9ctl version: v1.1

Thanks, David, the Ubuntu 20.04 support was a part of an upgrade that is done as a rolling deployment starting yesterday. Let me just verify if your environment has been upgraded yet or no. can you give me your account url or id

I will send it to you in slack