Forcefully Delete Kubernetes Pod


  • Pod is stuck in terminating state as per the Kubectl output.
  • Deletion of pod fails even after running the command.

$ kubectl delete pod <pod_name> -n <namespace> --grace-period 0

How to Force Kill a Pod

  1. a. Verify that the container(s) associated with the pod isn’t running on the node. This can be verified by identifying the container and the node name using the command below.

$ kubectl describe pod <pod_name> -n <namespace>

  1. b. SSH on to the node and verify that that the container associated isn’t running by running the following command.

$ docker ps

  1. Once it’s verified that the container isn’t present, run the following command to delete the pod forcefully.

$ kubectl delete pod <pod_name> -n <namespace> --grace-period 0 --force