How to build a multi-master cluster on VMware

Looking for some help on setting up a resilient multi-master cluster on VMware?

We have a tutorial on our docs site

Preparing for a Multi-Master Cluster

The first item to plan for an elastic IP (Virtual IP) to act as a proxy in front of the multiple masters. The Virtual IP is used to load balance requests and provide high availability across master nodes. The Virtual IP must be reserved. If any other network device is provisioned and claims the IP, the cluster will become unavailable.

Second, when running in a virtual or cloud environment, port security may block IP traffic that is not from the ‘known’ interface attached to the VM. This is unlikely to be an issue in a VMware environment; however, it is worth checking with your VMware and/or network administrator to ensure that the virtual network will allow all traffic to a VM, irrespective of the IP Address.

Third, is a reserved IP range for the Application Load balancer MetalLB. MetalLB can operate in 2 modes: Layer-2 with a set of IPs from a configured address range, or BGP mode. This tutorial will walk through MetalLB in a Layer-2 configuration.

Check List: Multi-Master with Application Load Balancer

Reserved IP for the Multi-Master Virtual IP
Reserved IP range for MetalLB
1, 3, or 5 Virtual Machines for Master Nodes
    2 CPUs
    8GB RAM
    20GB HDD
Single Network Interface for each VM
Identical interface names across all Master Node VMs
    Example: ens03
At lease 1 VM for Worker Nodes
    2 CPUs
    16GB RAM
    20GB HDD
Firewall: Outbound 443 to ( for Enterprise Plan)
VMware Network Security: Allow unknown IP traffic

View the guide here.