How to get x-auth-token using Pf9 command line

Hi Team,

I am working on automation to create a cluster on Pf9. How do we get x-auth-token via CLI.
I am using Version 5.3.0-484. Also share documents and sample commands for the same.


Hey @Deepak you can use the instructions given here to get the token via CLI

Thanks @chaitanya . It worked

@chaitanya …Just checking if you could help here.

Hey @Deepak, do you need additional help with the token or something else?

@chaitanya …Could you help on, how we can get x-auth-token with http method.
Thanks in Advance.

Hi Deepak! As a best practice, an insecure endpoint(HTTP) must not be used over the Internet. May I know if there is any use case of using a HTTP API endpoint?