Importing an external K8 cluster and upgrading and update with platform 9 management console


Does Platform 9 provide an option for me to import 3rd party clusters as managed clusters into Platform 9? and will I be able to treat that cluster as a Platform 9 cluster, ex: Access to API, and ability to update, upgrade, delete etc.

I understand if I can import an external K8 cluster, I probably able to monitor and manage from platform 9, but will I be able to treat that K8 as a native cluster?


Hello Mahvaeer,

Currently, Platform9 only supports importing of EKS clusters, If your existing cluster is running on EKS you can click on Import Cluster under the Infrastructure section, make sure the prereqs are meet before importing EKS cluster.
The engineering team is working on adding importing AKS and GKE cluster features.

Hope this answers your query.

Thank you!