Instance(s) Fail to Delete When Host is Down/Offline


  • Instances(s) fail to delete.
  • The hypervisor associated with the affected instance(s) is offline.
  • “Unexpected API Error” message appears when attempting to delete the instance.


  • Platform9 Managed OpenStack - v3.6.0 and Higher


  • Either the hypervisor is down or removed.
  • The nova-compute service on the host is stopped.
  • Connectivity issues are present between the hypervisor and the Management Plane.


  1. Identify the UUID of the host on which each instance resides.

    # openstack server show -c OS-EXT-SRV-ATTR:host **<INSTANCE_UUID>**

  2. Force the compute service for the host to report as down.

    # nova service-force-down **<HOST_UUID>** nova-compute

  3. Delete the instance.

    # openstack server delete **<INSTANCE_UUID>**