Introduction to Managed OpenStack

Platform9 Managed OpenStack (PMO) is a SaaS-Managed OpenStack offering. PMO deploys, manages, upgrades, and monitors your OpenStack cloud on your private infrastructure, simplifying all aspects of operating a virtualized private cloud by remotely managing all of the day-2 operations.

PMO is deployed using a unique and powerful Software-as-a-Service model, where a cloud hosted management plane remotely deploys, manages, monitors and upgrades your OpenStack private cloud environment on your on-premises infrastructure, including your servers, storage, networking. This deployment model enables us to guarantee 24x7x365 SLA for your virtualized environment.

PMO is made up of core OpenStack services including: Nova, Neutron, Ironic, Glance, Cinder, Heat, Ceilometer, and Keystone, building the foundation to run your business.

As a cloud administrator or a self-service user, you can set up and interact with various components of PMO through the Clarity SaaS portal, with zero knowledge of OpenStack, or OpenStack CLI commands. With a few simple clicks, your Platform9 dashboard starts offering visibility into your infrastructure across compute, storage, network, and existing workloads — and your OpenStack cloud is live. And as a Platform9 cloud administrator, you can configure and manage OpenStack resources that are to be used by self-service users, with Clarity.