MetalLB deficiencies

How can I modify the MetalLB config on my cluster to add another pool after cluster creation? It appears that the changes I’ve made during live edit as well as applying an updated config-map do not stick after some period of time. This is a significant issue for us as we don’t have whole ranges that we can give to the MetalLB config presently. So I need the ability to add new pools as IPs become available.

Hey @jurschel! :wave:t2:

With the introduction of the add-on manager operator in the most recent release of PMK, we now support extensibility of various PF9-deployed components – including MetalLB. The process for interacting with the operator (via CRDs) will be documented soon, along with support for this via the UI.

In the meantime – the only other option would be to re-create the cluster, as any configmap changes made, outside of interacting with the add-on manager CRDs, would be overwritten by the host services which synchronize with the management plane.

I’m tagging our PM Chris @the_fun_police in case he may have any other input for now.

Thanks for your reply @mroark . So am I correct in that I would need to rebuild my cluster presently to add ips to the MetalLB config or is there a way to actually do it if we go through the PMK upgrade to 5.2x? We are presently on Version 5.1.0-932.0b5a947b. If there’s a way to do it can I get them engaged to walk me through it?

I apologize for the immense delay on this one. We’re still working on finalizing the documentation for Qbert v4 and the API sub-mechanism which supports the add-on manager capability. In any case, it will be possible to accomplish this once the cluster’s upgraded, but, you’re correct that – prior to the upgrade – there is no way to modify the MetalLB configuration (in a supported fashion that will persist).

Will loop back once there’s a published doc to guide you through this process.


Soon hopefully we will have a couple more clusters that come online to add into PF9. Hopefully by then, you guys will have this ability sorted out. Given our network situation I will not be given very many IPs initially. So, at some later point I will need the option of adding more. Thanks for tracking this item for us!