On-perm K8s cluster


I’ve just recently signed up to platform9 to see if I could start using the on-perm k8s cluster functionality to replace my current K3s Clusters.
I’m having a bit of an issue that I think might be a miss understanding on my side but I’m not being able to properly create a cluster on platform9.

My current K3s cluster, which I replicated for platform9 tests consists of 3 master nodes with 11G RAM and 4 agents with 12G ram each. I have a haproxy loadbalancer in front of all masters to provide HA.
My nodes can reach the web but are all with private IP’s only and accessible only through the HAP or VPN.

When I tried to replicate this using platform9, after the cluster is fully created if I deploy an nginx ingress controller and some test deplyments I was always getting a 401 HTTP error when trying to access them from the browser. After looking a bit more around, I noticed the api was being exposed on port 443 and not 6443 which I guess can explain the 401 since most likely the traffic is being forwarded to the api server and not the k8s nginx controller.

What am I missing here? how can I set this up? I’m a bit lost here.


Hey @jlourenco I am taking a look at this, will provide an update shortly

@jlourenco just a couple of questions, what did you chose as the VIP when you created the cluster. Also, would it be possible to share a sample deployment or the nginx ingress resource definition with me so I can take a look at how it’s set up? You can dm it to me on our Slack workspace if you don’t want to share it publicly.


As VIP I used one of the IP’s of the HAP server.
I have a few public IP’s for the HAP where I sort traffic based on the external IP used.
So effectively I used the HAP IP that is only used to forward traffic to this specific cluster.

I’ve destroyed my cluster since I’ve been creating and recreating it trying to find a way, but I’ll create a new one now and I’ll also try to find the slack workspace sure.


For the thread, we are currently communicating over Slack. I’ll post here once we reach a resolution