Platform9 5.1 is Live

Platform9 Managed Kubernetes Release Notes

Platform9 Managed Kubernetes Version 5.1 Release Notes

The 5.1 release of Platform9 is our first step in integrating our SaaS Managed platform with hyper-scale cloud Kubernetes service. Within the 5.1 release we have introduced the ability to import existing EKS clusters, expanding our unified managed Kubernetes experience. In addition to

The 5.1 release includes a number of features that are limited to the Platform9 Next-Gen SaaS platform, this includes:

- EKS Cluster Imports

- Application Catalog & Helm 3 SaaS Service

- Self Service SSO

Platform9 users on the Freedom and Growth plans are already running on the Next-Gen architecture.

Platform9 Enterprise users should contact to discuss migrating.|

Release Highlights

EKS Cluster Management

Platform9 now has the ability to import existing AWS EKS clusters. Learn more EKS Cluster Management

  • New: EKS Cluster Discovery & Import - Users can now import clusters on Public and Private VPCs.
  • New: EKS Cluster Imports - Users can deploy Platform9 monitoring to any imported EKS Cluster.
  • New: EKS Cluster Imports - Users can use the Platform9 Helm 3 SaaS Service to deploy applications to EKS Clusters.
  • New: Imported Clusters Dashboard - Imported EKS clusters can be accessed from the new imported clusters dashboard.

App Catalog & Helm 3 SaaS Service

The popular Kubernetes packaging service Helm3 has been built into Platform9 as a SaaS service. Users can now leverage Helm directly from the SaaS Management Plane to deploy applications from public and private Helm Repositories to any Kubernetes cluster.

  • New: Platform9 has added a Helm3 service to the SaaS management plane that enables users to connect Helm repositories and deploy Helm3 certified applications.
  • New: Helm 3 Service - Deployed Applications can be viewed under the Applications Deployed Apps dashboard or from within the clusters details dashboard.
  • New: Application Catalog - Users can now add public and private Helm repositories and link them to clusters managed by Platform9, including EKS Imported Clusters.
  • New: Application Catalog - Users can now deploy apps using the Platform9 Helm 3 service to deploy applications to any managed cluster including EKS imported clusters.
  • New: Users can edit an applications values.yaml file directly from the Platform9 SaaS Management Plane.
  • New: The Platform9 Helm 3 service allows users to limit access to added repositories by cluster.
  • New: The Platform9 Helm3 Services supports private repositories that use Username and Password configuration.

Cluster Setup and Configuration

The following changes have been made to cluster setup and configuration.

  • New: Platform9 now supports Kubernetes 1.19. Platform9 now supports Kubernetes 1.17, 1.18 and 1.19
  • New: MetalLB now supports IPv6. New: Users can now select to use IPv6 whilst creating a new cluster.
  • New: Users can now select to deploy the Luigi Network and Host Configuration operator whilst creating a new cluster.
  • New: Users can now select to enable KubeVirt whilst creating a new cluster.
  • New: Container Logs - You can now select the exact container within a pod and view the logs directly from Platform9.
  • New: Users can now create cluster in AWS without the need for a Route53 domain.
  • New: You can now enable Advanced Remote Support from the Cluster Details dashboard.
  • New: When adding a new AWS or Azure cloud provider Platform9 will now validate the credentials.
  • New: Platform9 has made IPVS the default data-plane for all new clusters.
  • New: Platform9 Luigi - Platform9 now has a advanced networking operator that is able to automate the deployment and configuration of multiple CNIs and node level changes for setting up complex networking stacks such as SR-IOV. Learn more Advanced Networking with Luigi Operator.
  • New: The Platform9 Terraform provider has been updated to support creating clusters with custom API Server Flags Terraform.
  • Updated: The Platform9 terraform provider has been updated to make Route53 optional for AWS Clusters.

User Settings and Account Management

  • New: There is a new User settings page available under the avatar menu that enables users to configure their profile.
  • New: Users can now configure MFA via the new users settings menu accessable under the avatar menu.
  • New (Enterprise Only): Enterprise users can now configure and update SSO directly form the Platform9 SaaS Managment Plane.