Template of last cluster creation settings/selections is lost

Hello Platform9 Team,

I recently created a account using “Freedom” plan and then tried creating a cluster. While doing so, I had selected few settings like number of nodes, CNI module, Cloud details(aws in my case), and everything that was asked/available to select.

At the end after submitting it, the cluster creation process failed with error[1]. Now looking at the error, I understood what I did. Now my main concern here is not related to the specific error that I got, my concerns are as below;

1.] I didn’t select the Availability Zone as I thought if I will not select anything specific, randomly it would be selected from the available ones. As that is not the case, I think that respective field should be made as mandatory. Further this applies to all such settings that are mandatory as part of cluster creation process.

2.] I was expecting to get a console wherein I can select/provide the only missing details and re-initiate the cluster creating process. However, seems like the entire selection is lost and now I have start the cluster creation process from start.
If I am correct, I think Platform9 can introduce a feature where all of my selections/setting of the time of cluster creation should get saved somewhere and I can reuse it again(and only tweak one or two setting and trigger the cluster creation) along with the copy of original settings getting saved with date, time, userid etc details(view only).

If the feature is already there, request to please direct me to the same.

“message”: “Error: At least one Availability Zone is required when deploying to a new VPC”,
“code”: 400

Niket Chavan

Hi @Niket
Thank you for the detailed feedback.

On the topic below, missing AZs, I have filed a Jira ticket for this issue.
In regards to the create cluster wizard holding state, let me chat with the team and see what we can deliver. We have talked about this previously, however never implemented any changes.

If you are interested we are currently collecting feedback on some upcoming changes, you can participate by completing the survey here: https://forms.gle/CJNFaxFydbirnHSu7