Tutorial - Deploy Kubernetes on MacOS

Over on our Docs site there are some great tutorials to get you going.

Follow the steps below to get started

Step 1: Install VirtualBox on Mac OS

Install VirtualBox on Mac OS (via Download)

On Mac OS there are two popular ways to install VirtualBox.

The first is to download the latest edition of VirtualBox for your platform. At the time of this writing it is version 6.1.2 for Mac OS

Once the file is downloaded, it will be in the ‘Downloads’ folder. Mount the dmg file by double clicking on it, which will launch another window that has the actual installer. That installer is called VirtualBox.pkg.

Launch VirtualBox.pkg and follow through the four steps in the installer.

View the full guide at https://docs.platform9.com/kubernetes/tutorials/kubernetes-on-macos/