Tutorial - Deploy Kubernetes on Windows 10

Ever wanted to run Kubernetes locally on your PC? Check out the great tutorial on or Docs site.
Below you will find instructions to get started.

Installing Oracle VirtualBox on Windows

The first step in creating your virtual machine is to set up the software that will create and manage it. We’re using Oracle VM VirtualBox, which is very intuitive and, best of all, available as open source. To download the most recent version (6.1.2) for Windows, simply visit the downloads page and click on “Windows hosts” below “VirtualBox 6.1.2 Platform Packages.”

Once the download has finished, you can begin installing and configuring the software. When you open the executable to begin installing Oracle VM VirtualBox, you will be met with a Setup Wizard:


Click Next > on the initial page to progress to the setup portion of the installation. This step will allow you to change the way features are installed and choose the location. For our purposes, the default options will suffice.

See the full tutorial at https://docs.platform9.com/kubernetes/tutorials/kubernetes-on-windows10/