Tutorial - External DNS

Integrating External DNS with Kubernetes

Kubernetes contains an internal DNS module that automatically discovers and assigns DNS names to individual containers when instructed. In practice, this works very well and there is room for customization.

However, when the time comes, we frequently need to expose some or all parts of the Kubernetes cluster to the public. For instance, if a cluster exists inside a public Cloud Provider like AWS or Google Cloud Platform, we would like to have a container service that interacts with this cloud provider and change any A Records to point to the nodes that expose those services.

This is what the ExternalDNS project does. ExternalDNS is a Kubernetes project with the main purpose of automatically creating DNS records for Ingress or Service resources.

In this tutorial, we are following a step-by-step approach to configure ExternalDNS integration within the Freedom plan of Platform9’s Managed Kubernetes backed up by a DigitalOcean Droplet.

Let’s get started.

view the guide at https://docs.platform9.com/kubernetes/tutorials/integrating-external-dns-with-k8s/