Using api trying to attach node in cluster in platform9

Hi Team,

Using api, I am trying to attach node in pf9 cluster.
Below curl command returns status ‘ok’ while its failing to attach node.
Attached pf9 cluster log for reference.Processing: platform9_cluster.log…

curl -k -X POST ‘’ -H ‘x-auth-token: gAAAAABhcT3lNSUlt3lFYNUnZ_SiDy0PGNwbWrj_RNT3xg46ni0Ce_kKdTN-byhhkoGf8VYZ9cc-gXdi_0yjnJfyXI9I23mRoegRVCsIPWtFyde99prH60fTu1YQv-zougCUk2gf0ryegCEY_n-8l05oRbfJX2603SWPfh2Bf5V2O5m7JZGkSWYOgL8DDsu-2IGG3Yauj6Rn’ -H ‘Content-Type: application/json’ -d ‘[
“uuid”: “afa063ce-4242-4dfa-bc47-4957a4d5eabc”,
“isMaster”: “true”

@Deepak have you run the CLI to Prep Node?
The CLI can also be used to Attach a node to an existing cluster?

We have achieved this using api. Thanks for your reply.