What is a BareOS Cluster?

What is BareOS??

We use the term ‘BareOS’ to refer to physical or virtual machines that are being used with a bare bones OS a Bare OS. Clusters created using physical or virtual machines are called a BareOS cluster. When creating a new cluster in Platform9 Managed Kubernetes you are able to select BareOS.

You can create BareOS clusters using:

  • a set of linux physical machines in your data center or co-location.
  • set of linux virtual machines in your data center.

We treat these as similar to a set of physical machines, without doing any native integration specific to the infrastructure stack they are hosted on. The VMs could be running on any of the following as the underlying infrastructure layer:
* VMware
* Linux/KVM
* OpenStack
* any other IaaS stack

To create a BareOS cluster, you must first download and install the Platform9 CLI on each machine. Once installed you need to run pf9ctl cluster prep-node once complete you can complete the Create a BareOS cluster wizard.

While the BareOS model is recommended to create clusters using your on-premises infrastructure, you can use this method to create clusters using virtual machines hosted anywhere - even in a public cloud.

However, when you use this mechanism to create a cluster on a public cloud, PMK does not perform any native integration with that cloud to create that cluster. Therefore if a native PMK cloud provider is available for a given cloud, we always recommend using that method to create your cluster, and only using the BareOS method if a native cloud provider for that cloud is not yet provided by PMK.

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